Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Cost of Global Marketing and Advertising Just Went Down

The concept of global marketing and advertising has long been something that large companies have been concerned with. That’s because they were the only companies who could afford it. However, all that has changed. Any company, even the tiniest ones, can now afford to market and advertise all over the world.

Internet Marketing = Global Marketing

People who want to market as widely as possible can do it quickly and easily by marketing online. Internet marketing is something that is inexpensive because of the many websites available for advertising. Instead of relying on a handful of newspapers and magazines for advertising, small businesses have millions and millions of websites to choose form.

Google and Yahoo Ads = Global Advertising

If a small business owner doesn’t want to handpick every single website that he or she wants to advertise on, that business owner can put advertising on hundreds of sites through a third-party website. Google, Yahoo and other major websites run ad networks that place the ads for you. All you have to do is sign up with them and present them with a modest budget for your advertising. They do all the rest.

Advertising on Websites

It is also possible to contract directly with a website owner and to negotiate a price for advertising on the site. No matter how popular the website is, it will not cost as much to advertise this way as it would to advertise on an equally popular TV show or in a well-known magazine. That had changed the face of global marketing and advertising for every business.

Small businesses that once could never have afforded to advertise overseas can now do so with as little effort as it takes to advertise in their own local area. That has made small, home businesses real competition for the largest multi-nationals, and it has given small business owners the same chance to take on global business that larger businesses have always enjoyed. The low cost of advertising has taken home businesses from a corner of the bedroom to the global marketplace.

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