Friday, July 2, 2010

Why not Network Marketing?

There are many people looking for alternate forms of income on the internet yet many of them pass over network marketing opportunities. Many of these people are convinced of two things one being that they will lose their money and the other being they think they won’t make any money. Well lets define losing money to say that money is lost is to say it simply disappeared and you cannot find it. The truth is people who think they lost their money know exactly where it went. On the other hand people who didn’t make money can’t generally tell why they didn’t make money.
Most of the people who think about losing their money are looking at “not recovering their start up costs”. A startup cost is the initial money you will need to enter a network marketing opportunity. This money is usually labeled a membership fee. This is a universal business principle and is used by the entire business community although with many labels attached and is in no way unique to network marketing. Few businesses offer a refund of the startup cost to join a business opportunity. If this why you are reluctant to join a network marketing opportunity you can probably scratch off any other online business opportunity as well because they all require a fee to get started.
The other reason people don’t join network marketing opportunities is they think (or are afraid) they won’t make any money. Unlike the people who fear losing money fear of not making money would seem to be more superstition than actual reasoning. Don’t be mistaken superstition can be more powerful than bad decisions or bad risks. If you honestly believe you won’t make money you won’t.
The reality is just as there are 2 reasoning’s why people don’t join network marketing opportunities. The same 2 reasoning’s directly affects the entire business world every single day and not just network marketing. You have 2 ways to look at every opportunity that comes your way. One is how much money will you lose the other is how much profit you will lose by not taking the chance. Money you could have potentially made can be just as much a loss as the money you held in your hand. Let’s look at it this way if you had a chance to participate in a business opportunity and you had the opportunity to make 10 times as much as you put in for every $1 you didn’t spend you lost $10.
The most important thing to remember from all this is that any online business opportunity you undertake is just that an opportunity there are no guarantees. Business is risk the difference is business risk is managed risk you know the variables and the potential rewards. The other thing is you have exactly the same chance of success as anyone else you just have to want it as bad as they do.

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